On the beach in Tamarindo, in Costa Rica's Guanacaste province, Cabinas Marielos offers its guests a relaxing, inexpensive, and beautiful way to experience the best of one of Costa Rica's most popular resorts.

Cabinas are Costa Rica's version of the American Motel. They are usually small, family operated businesses with anywhere from two to fifty clean, basic rooms. Cabinas Marielos is owned and operated by María de los Angeles Molina Gonzalez, known as "Marielos", a native Tica (Costa Rican) and retired University Professor.

Marielos has learned from her travels throughout the world that the natural beauty and environment of Costa Rica are a treasure to guard and preserve. She does exactly that in her Cabinas. The grounds are a masterpiece of Costa Rican gardening, with brilliant flowers, draping palms, and vibrant native trees.

Directly across the street from Marielos is Tamarindo Beach, one of the most wonderful, family friendly, clean, and beautiful beaches in the world. It gently slopes down into the Tamarindo Bay, creating a 50 meter stretch of sand before calm, clean waters in low tide and a full, consistent, rolling set of waves perfect for surfing in high tide.

Cabinas Marielos has the kind of unique identity that San Francisco has, it is friendly, and beautiful, yet modern and tasteful. Come visit us and get to know the feeling that Costa Ricans call…

Pura Vida!
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